International Association for
Science, Technology & Society

IASTS is concerned with the interrelationships among science, technology, society and the biosphere (STSB), with a particular emphasis on the impact of science and technology on society and ecosystems. Interested parties may include researchers, educators, scientists, engineers, ethicists, environmentalists, policy analysts, and business leaders among others.

Each year we offer an annual meeting and conference centering on a theme relavant to STSB. Our conference provides an opportunity to meet and discuss topics of interest to those committed to multidisciplinary thinking, research and actions addressing issues of ethical, environmental, scientific and societal interest.


Professor Bill Vanderburg, President, IASTS, and
Director, Centre for Technology and Social Development
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
phone: (416)978-2924   facsimile: (416)978-6813

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